Last update : 14-April-2010

Welcome to the Modelum site

We are a young research team, which started our work on model driven development by the end of 2003. Our main research interests are:
  • Model Transformation
  • Domain Specific Languages (DSLs)
  • Model-driven application modernization
Model Transformation
We have created the RubyTL transformation language and the AGE environment. RubyTL is a transformation language along with a set of tools such as a code generator or a validation language. These tools has been implemented as DSLs embedded within the Ruby language. In addition, RubyTL supports a phasing mechanism intended to improve modularity and reuse of model transformation definitions.

Textual DSLs
In the field of textual DSLs, we are focused on finding out how to improve extensibility and modularity of DSLs. We are also interested in embedded DSLs within dynamic languages, such as Ruby. Currently, we are developing a framework to create textual DSLs.

Application modernization
In this particular research line, we have developed some successful projects for spanish companies. Among them, we have been able to automatically generate Java wrappers and web services from PL/SQL specifications. From this experience, we have started the development of a framework to acomplish application modernization in the scenario of a technological change. We have created the Gra2MoL transformation language for extracting models in software modernization.