Last update : 14-April-2010


AGE (Agile Generative Environment)
Agile Generative Environment (AGE) is a Model Driven Development tool based on Ruby and Eclipse. A key difference with other tools is that AGE is heavily based on embedded DSLs, being Ruby the host language. The tool core, written in Ruby, is called RubyTL. Also, the user interface is an Eclipse RCP application, so being very easy to start using the tool.

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Gra2Mol (Grammar to Model Language) is a domain specific transformation language to define the relationships between grammar elements and metamodel elements. It is a rule based language like model transformation languages as RubyTL or ATL. In Gra2MoL you define the source element (grammar), the target element (metamodel) and some metamodel initialization sentences. The main difference with a model transformation language is that Gra2MoL is oriented to extract models from source programs. Moreover, Gra2MoL defines a powerful language for traversing the syntax trees and for extracting information from the source code.

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GUIZMO is a framework that aims at modernizing the Graphical User Interfaces of legacy applications. The goal of the tool is to take source code from a legacy system, and generate a User Interface description which is technology-independent. From this description, other User Interface descriptions expressed with different User Interface Description Languages can be automatically derived, so we could reuse the tools developed for these languages. Moreover, software artefacts can be generated. Most of the process is automatically performed.

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